DIY Beeswax Sushi Candle Kit


Candlework’s DIY beeswax sushi candle kits

Create beautiful beeswax sushi candles!

Roll your own sushi candles! There perfect craft to do together. With 100% beeswax sheets, its easy to make your own sushi candles for your wedding, event, restaurant or party favor. With our kit, you can make up to 15 assorted sushi candles with an assortment of different “ingredients”. Salmon maki? Kappa maki? maybe futomaki? or even a house roll! the possibilities are endless when you are “rolling” these sushi candles.

Each kit includes,

1 x ( 8.5″ x 16″) Black honeycomb Beeswax sheet
2 x (8.5″ x 16″) White Honeycomb Beeswax sheet
1 x (8.5″ x 8″) Cucumber Green Honeycomb Beeswax sheet
1 x (8.5″ x 8″) Salmon Red Honeycomb Beeswax sheet
1 x (8.5″ x 8″) Sakura Pink Honeycomb Beeswax sheet
1 x (8.5″ x 8″) Banana Yellow Honeycomb Beeswax sheet
1 x (4″ x 4″) Grass Green Smooth Beeswax sheet

15 x 2.5″ Pre-tabbed wicks

1 set of instructions on how to make your own sushi candles!

Perfect for wedding gifts, favors, crafts, decor, sushi parties, Christmas gifts. Fun for all ages, be as creative as you want!

Candlework was created as an outlet of vision, design, and function. Mediums of different nature, scents and oils derived from delicate plants. Creating atmosphere through illumination and smells. Express and love freely.


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